Our clients are what it’s all about, and we are very grateful for the long-term relationships we have created with them. Here’s a sampling of what they have to say about us:

Gary, I just wanted to tell you how incredible our temp kitchen is — Brian and Zack really made a fantastic, highly functional space for us. We’re so pleased!
— Erin R.
It is not possible to over-communicate in a large project such as ours. Knowing that, the RDB style is to have a meeting between the homeowners and the RDB staff every week. This turned out to be so important in the relationship over the course of our year-long project.
— Kathy C. & Bob I.
It was clear what would happen in each step of the process, and when the inevitable delays occurred (such as over the holidays), you informed us promptly. Finishing the kitchen two weeks ahead of schedule was a real bonus! You have made the job a seamless whole. Someone recently remarked to me, ‘Why wasn’t it built like this originally’?
— Ellen S. & Frank W.
The people who work for you are really exceptional. We absolutely enjoyed having them around. They have done excellent work, always kept the dust and clutter of construction under control, and have felt like friends of the family. You heard us well, captured our input, and found very tasteful, creative, and exciting solutions both in design and materials. We’ve both found ourselves pausing and reflecting with deep satisfaction about what we accomplished by working with you and your team.
— Lee & Greg M.
I cannot commend too highly the crew’s skill, courtesy and thoughtfulness. They showed integrity and commitment to our project, which seems to me quite exceptional. Our project seemed always to be the overriding concern of the crew, as if (in defiance of common sense) your firm were conducting no other business while ours was in progress.
— Enid & David S.
The dust protection was stupendous: the rest of the house had no more than the usual dust. It is clear, given all our friends’ dire predictions, that RDB is the only firm in the world that knows how to do this right. You were always accessible, always helpful, creative and intelligent. When nothing goes wrong or sour, it means somebody was working very hard to keep it good: THANK YOU, GARY!
— Roberta M. & Phillip B.
Rochman Design-Build will provide you with the highest level of quality and craftsmanship that is available on the market. Gary and all his staff are true professionals, they hold themselves to the highest standard possible and were also a pleasure to work with.
— Ilze M.H.