Our clients are what it’s all about, and we are very grateful for the long-term relationships we have created with them. Here’s a sampling of what they have to say about us:

We should really call you the House Whisperers because you knew exactly what our house needed.
— Robin J.
Please let us take a moment in the middle of this project to say that it’s such a pleasure to work with you all. There are always challenges and some unwanted discoveries in these projects. What’s most winning about Rochman is that we can trust you to hear our concerns and help us navigate these waters. You are all amazing professionals and we appreciate your conscientious, personable, and thoughtful approach at every turn. Thank you!
— Dan and Helen M.
We hired RDB to construct a 2-story addition that enlarged and improved our kitchen, created a mudroom, and expanded an existing bedroom with an en suite master bath. As part of the same project, we also refreshed existing finishes (new tile/fixtures in half bath; refinished hardwood throughout; updated fixtures and lighting) and significantly revised the layout of the existing first-floor spaces. Needless to say, it was a dauntingly complex and expensive project... and yet, we don’t regret a single moment or penny we spent. The results are nothing short of spectacular. The 23-week project was only 8 days over schedule, which is both remarkable in the industry, and also largely attributable to changes/additional requests WE as the homeowners made along the way. We love every tiny detail of our “new” home - RDB was impeccable in their execution; responsive and accessible; thoughtful and well-coordinated. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.
— Kerry S.
We congratulate ourselves often on our decision to work with you as our design-build team, and sing your praises at every opportunity.
— Steve & Deb B.
Our experience with Rochman Design-Build was outstanding, exceeding all expectations. We are extremely pleased with our home remodel project. If you are looking for excellence in all areas, from design, communications, quality of work, timeliness, and professionalism, look no further than Rochman Design-Build!
— Jamie P.
...You will receive impeccable quality and care through the entire process: from a thoughtful, creative design stage where they help guide you through the hundreds of selections you’ll need to make (which they make fun and easy rather than overwhelming and exhausting!) to weekly on-site progress meetings during the build itself (so you catch small issues before they become major misunderstandings/problems), and an incredibly prompt and courteous response to changes you might request or questions that arise along the way. We could not be more thrilled with the results
— M.S.K
Rochman Design-Build did an amazing job on our remodel. We have an old house that presented a lot of challenges, each of which they were able to address. We love our new home, and can’t wait to hire them on our next project.
— Cara O.
We are extremely satisfied with our major house renovation with Rochman. This was our second project with them and we are delighted with the results.
— Dan M.
It is not possible to over-communicate in a large project such as ours. Knowing that, the RDB style is to have a meeting between the homeowners and the RDB staff every week. This turned out to be so important in the relationship over the course of our year-long project.
— Kathy C. & Bob I.
Gary, I just wanted to tell you how incredible our temp kitchen is — Brian and Zack really made a fantastic, highly functional space for us. We’re so pleased!
— Erin R.
Rochman Design-Build will provide you with the highest level of quality and craftsmanship that is available on the market. Gary and all his staff are true professionals, they hold themselves to the highest standard possible and were also a pleasure to work with.
— Ilze M.H.
I have used Rochman Design-Build several times for different projects, including a major renovation, and they consistently do an exceptional job. They approach the job with professionalism, pride in their work and a motivation to ensure satisfaction in the homeowner. They are on time and within budget.
— Kathy K.
The people who work for you are really exceptional. We absolutely enjoyed having them around. They have done excellent work, always kept the dust and clutter of construction under control, and have felt like friends of the family. You heard us well, captured our input, and found very tasteful, creative, and exciting solutions both in design and materials. We’ve both found ourselves pausing and reflecting with deep satisfaction about what we accomplished by working with you and your team.
— Lee & Greg M.
We are thoroughly pleased with and continue to enjoy the work they did in our home; and are delighted to spread the word when we receive compliments! Gary could be depended on to respond to calls or emails in a timely manner, Even now, decades later I can call him with questions or concerns; and he still is very appreciative of our business, and expresses his gratitude!! I believe he truly cares about the relationship he builds with his customers. I was very impressed when, before he started the project, he wanted to know the names and ages of our children, and still/ to this day cares to ask about them. He/ they did 3 projects for us, and got to know our preferences, so I could trust Gary to make choices for us. He has a superb eye for design, and we found him to be highly gifted in designing and building. We are grateful to God for Gary/ Rochman Design Build, and wish them His blessings always!
— Marina F.
It was clear what would happen in each step of the process, and when the inevitable delays occurred (such as over the holidays), you informed us promptly. Finishing the kitchen two weeks ahead of schedule was a real bonus! You have made the job a seamless whole. Someone recently remarked to me, ‘Why wasn’t it built like this originally’?
— Ellen S. & Frank W.
I cannot commend too highly the crew’s skill, courtesy and thoughtfulness. They showed integrity and commitment to our project, which seems to me quite exceptional. Our project seemed always to be the overriding concern of the crew, as if (in defiance of common sense) your firm were conducting no other business while ours was in progress.
— Enid & David S.
You can really trust them. If their was a difference of opinions they would work through that. They were very realistic. Above and beyond. They are a great bunch of people.
— Jill M.
The dust protection was stupendous: the rest of the house had no more than the usual dust. It is clear, given all our friends’ dire predictions, that RDB is the only firm in the world that knows how to do this right. You were always accessible, always helpful, creative and intelligent. When nothing goes wrong or sour, it means somebody was working very hard to keep it good: THANK YOU, GARY!
— Roberta M. & Phillip B.