Drastic personality change for this Ann Arbor bathroom/ powder room - bringing it from the 1970’s to 2010’s.  The porcelain wall was designed as a floor to ceiling backsplash around this modern sink - a Corian washplane that drains into the wall.  A modern wall mounted faucet and a clean mirror with standoffs complete the clean lines. To appreciate the transformation please visit our before and after gallery.

April 16, 2013

For this project, we will be tearing off the unused screen porch.
In its place, we will build a two-story addition. This addition
will house a new dining room and a 2nd story bedroom. 

Inside, we will be replacing this entire kitchen, improving its layout
and opening it up more to the rest of the house. 

The first floor powder room will be completely re-done.

As will the floor and cabinetry of this upstairs bathroom.

April 23, 2013

The porch demolition is finished.  We also removed the existing
garage ceiling, because the structure was too small. 

These new wooden I-joists will become the garage ceiling/dining room floor. 

Up on top of that floor, first floor walls have gone up.

May 1, 2013

The second story has been framed, and the protective housewrap is up.

Roof shingles are being installed and will match the existing house.

The main addition framing is complete, waiting for siding and windows.

May 6, 2013

Inside the second story guest bedroom.
Framing to the left side will become the closet. 

Toilet and cabinets have been demoed in the 2nd floor bath.

Downstairs, the wall between the dining and living room has been stripped of its drywall. 

May 17, 2013

This corner will house a built-in bar on this side, and a large desk area on the other. 

This framing will become the new pantry.
The white pipe is a plumbing stack that will be relocated. 

We are closing off the office for more privacy.
Two sliding doors will fill the middle opening. 

Outside, siding and windows have been installed.

May 31, 2013

Framing is finished, with plumbing and electrical work starting.
The half wall on the right will be the back of the kitchen peninsula. 

The sleek modern sink in the powder room necessitated
putting a great deal of the plumbing inside the wall. 

New ducts were run too both heat the new dining room and improve
the comfort in the kitchen/family room.  Foam insulation will be
sprayed around these ducts to reduce heat loss. 

June 14, 2013

The new siding has been primed. It will be painted
a cool gray to match the existing house. 

Inside, walls are being filled with insulation. Here
we are seeing spray foam being put into office walls. 

Over in the dining room, the walls have been filled with cellulose.

June 25, 2013

The exterior siding has been fully painted to match the existing house.

In the guest bedroom, the drywall is being installed.

From the entry toward the new kitchen. We shrunk the entry closet
to open up this new hallway. It connects both sides of the house together. 

Standing in what will be the kitchen, looking toward the family and dining. 

In the new dining room. The door leads out onto the
garage roof, which will be protected and used for grilling. 

July 12, 2013

The first coat of paint is up. Most are white,
but there are a few exceptions like the power room’s gray. 

Up in the second play room, we’ve got a bright orange accent wall.

We are also patching in new hardwood where walls have been removed. 
Everything will be sanded and re-finished to match. 

Our flooring contractor shows several different stain options to our client and lead carpenter help with selecting exactly the right color for the house. 

July 24, 2013

The hardwood floor has been refinished. This section shows where
a wall once was and how new and old were weaved together. 

The floor was then protected heavily, and kitchen cabinet
installation has started, and the U-shaped layout is taking shape. 

For proper heating in the kitchen, we have installed this
duct inside the toekick, at the bottom of the cabinets. 

Over in the powder room, tile is being installed up the wall
to form a backsplash for the washplane sink. 

In the upstairs bathroom, tile has been installed, and the new vanity cabinets are going in. 

August 5, 2013

Phillip really gets into his work.

Cabinetry installation continues in the kitchen.

Here you can see the flat crown, visually connecting the cabinetry to the ceiling. 

August 15, 2013

The 2nd floor bathroom countertops are installed.
They are made of Wilsonart solid surface with integral sinks. 

The guest bedroom and play area now have carpet.

The concrete countertops of the kitchen are in place.

An upclose view at the cooktop.

August 23, 2013

Kitchen backsplash tile.

Sink set in place in the powder room. There is a hidden drain at
the back of the sink, catching the water as it rolls toward the wall. 

Accessories and hardware are in place in the 2nd floor bath.

These door panels are for the office entrance on the left. They will be mounted on an exterior track, creating visual interest even when the office is open and the doors are to the sides. 

September 5, 2013

In the new dining room, looking out toward the family room.

The wide open family room.

The raised bar on the left is wrapped in plywood rather than
drywall for durability. It will be painted to match the walls. 

At the desk area, the upper cabinet is lined with cork board. This will give space to post important notes, papers, etc that can be easily hidden when guest visit. 

New hood over cooktop on the peninsula.

The modern power room sink in full operation.

September 16, 2013

Office doors in the closed position.

Matching pantry room door.

Finished powder room sink area.

Finished exterior.

December 13, 2013

Stunning project complete :-)