The newest project for the Rochman Design Build team is a renovation of an old farmhouse-styled home nestled among mature trees in the Water Hill neighborhood of Ann Arbor. We will be remodeling both the first floor unit and the second floor unit. While the renovations of the 1st floor will be mainly cosmetic, the 2nd floor renovation will include a major addition with new kitchen and family room spaces.

 February 5, 2019

The front of the house, ‘before’. This view won’t change much.

This angle will give a better perspective of the changes to come.

This airspace will become living space.

This is the current second floor bath. This is the same window as seen in the previous image.

This is the current second floor kitchen. It will be relocated to the new addition.

The first floor kitchen will get updated materials and fixtures.

February 14, 2019

Since we can't all have "snow days", work starts at Cherry Street

Definitely time for an upgrade!